The Chinese Medical Doctor Association

The Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) was established in January 9th, 2002 as a national, professional, non-profit, voluntary organization, registered under the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. Its membership comprises of practicing physicians, paramedics and group members of enterprises.

To promote the professional ethics and to uphold the humanitarianisms to rescue the dying and caring for the wounded, to advance medical knowledge and improve medical services, and to protect the rights and interests of the practicing physicians according to the law for the betterment of the national people’s health and contribute to the construction of socialist society.

Background on the Establishment of Chinese Medical Doctor Association
China officially promulgated and put into effect the Practicing Physicians Law (PPL) of the People’s Republic of China on May 1, 1999. PPL, the most important legal procedure and the first of its kind related to the physicians in China, is fully supported by the government. Article 7 of Chapter 1 of the “Law” stipulates in explicit terms that “physicians may organize or join an association of the physicians according to law”. CMDA is the first organization among medicine-related associations and societies that founded on a legal framework.

Membership Base
According to the current statistics, the number of practicing physicians in China has exceeded two million. The two million physicians sets forward a membership foundation for CMDA. The following practicing physicians are entitled to apply and join as a member of CMDA:
All licensed physicians and assistant physicians trained in Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and combined Western and TCM, minority medicine, preventive medicine and dentistry;
Professional medical workers and medical or healthcare managers of a healthcare organization;
Medical researchers and administrators of a medical society or association


CMDA also has a corporate membership program that allows advanced and modernized medical and pharmaceutical companies and hospitals in China to join as corporate members.

The Nature and Characteristics of CMDA
Abide by the “Practicing Physician Law” and to organize and form a non-government organization according to law


An academic body
Represents the interest of physicians – Home of physicians
Membership base is encompassing and inclusive
Authoritative and exclusive


The Principles of CMDA
Self discipline
Protection of rights
Of which, self discipline and protection of rights are the core of CMDA.

The Role and Responsibility of CMDA
To constantly perfecting The Practicing Physicians Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as PPL) through active participation in related government bodies by sharing of experiences and practical evidences. CMDA is to unite the practicing physicians, to abide by PPL and to enhance the professionalism and ethics of the physicians;
To construct a strong medical profession, CMDA is to constantly in search of new management models and framework, to implement professional self-disciplines and setting professional standards, to institute a physician assessment system, to supervise and verify the qualifications of practicing physicians, and to actively monitor the practice quality;
To raise public’s respect and recognition to the physician profession, CMDA is to protect the rights and interests of practicing physicians according to law and to create harmonious and orderly working conditions for the physicians and to enable them to better service the health of the national people;
To organize and develop a life-long medical education for the physicians;
To continuously develop and promote educational material in the area of medicine and health for the public. To oppose and against feudal superstition and pseudoscience;
To raise the medical standard and preventive health and to and to offer assistance to the rural and grass-roots area;
To develop professional consulting service and service facilities for CMDA members.
To better service the physicians, CMDA is to develop friendly cooperation and exchanges with foreign countries as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas;
To praise and reward physicians and CMDA staff who made outstanding contributions and achievements in medical and preventive health medicine;
To better mobilize and exploit the potential of the physicians, CMDA is to conduct market research concerning the working conditions, needs and aspirations of physicians so as to actively provide constructive suggestions to the government bodies;
To actively seek for and undertake relevant assignments, which are consistent with the goals of CMDA, entrusted by related government bodies.

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